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Most people are hunting down for plastic substitutes, we are bent on making conventional thermoplastics biodegradable. How ? We believe in using specially procured materials for developing bio-degradable plastics by adding additives called Pro-degradant Concentrates. These additives promote oxidation processes that break the plastic down into brittle, low-molecular-weight molecules. Micro-organisms gobble up the molecules as they disintegrate, turning them into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, which reportedly contains no harmful residues.


Search around for additive technologies and you'll come across the trade names such as Totally Degradable Plastic Additives or Master Batch Pellets. They're used to manufacture single-use plastics such as thin plastic shopping bags, disposable diapers, trash bags etc.


When added to polyethylene the standard plastic bag material, PDCs can promote nearly complete degradation; 95 percent of the plastic is in bacteria-friendly fragments within four weeks.

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